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Virtual puppet and magic show for preschoolers

Education can be FUN with Happy Bright Kids!

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virtual puppet and magic show for preschoolers

Amazing virtual puppet and magic show for preschoolers
Puppets, Magic and Illusions

Happy Bright Kids has designed special virtual puppet show stories, magic tricks, and activities for preschoolers to engage them in a fun and memorable way that they will talk about all week! These puppet and magic shows are perfect for the preschool age group, tested and perfected!
Our virtual puppet and magic show is live and interactive and packed with laughs, silly characters. Since this puppet show story is designed especially for our youngest audience we make our puppets silly rather than scary and he's sure to make your preschoolers howl with laughter!
Give the kids a day they’ll be telling their parents about for weeks with Happy Bright Kids Kids Entertainment!

Our virtual package includes

Interactive Virtual Puppet Show

The Puppet Show is the main attraction with Happy Bright Kids. We have a whole zoo of funny animal puppets that we custom make ourselves, we even make some of our own magic tricks.

Interactive Virtual Magic Show

The magic show includes illusions and even a special magic show drawing board. Our virtual magic show also features special appearances by puppets for some of the magic tricks

Entire party video recording (With customer permission)

Video recording of the entire virtual kids birthday so you can relive the moment over and over!

Best for all age groups

From toddlers/pre-K to elementary school. We’ve got something for everyone. (though others will certainly enjoy it)

Up to 100 computer/phones can connect to each party!

You can share the Zoom session link with all your guests who would like to join.

1 Live Performer

I'm a professional children's entertainer, we have been entertaining kids for over 25 years. My troupe has diversified talent, we can entertain and teach them about magic, puppetry and ventriloquism.

Working across time zones

We have over 25 years of experience entertaining children with puppets and magic!


Try us out! Money-Back Guarantee

How Does It Work?

We at Happy bright kids have a paid subscription with zoom. We have no time limit on how long our meetings should go. You and your guests can come in at any time before the show time, most people come in 10 to 15 minutes before showtime, and after the show I'm leave and assign the meeting to you so you can stay with your family and friends.

The show consists of a combination of puppetry, magic, and Illusions all mixed together for a bouquet of fun, exciting, and totally engaging entertainment for all ages.

What Our Fantastic Clients Say

April - San Ramon, CA

I had Jungle Joe host my daughter's virtual birthday party. He did great job entertaining kids. It was so nice to see so many smiles on the screen. Even some of kids don't understand English well, they still enjoyed the show. Some parents told me that I "raised the bar" for the online kids birthday party and kudos to Jungle Joe!

Mimi - San Francisco, CA

We'd highly recommend Joe at Happy Bright Kids to help celebrate the special day for your family. The kids loved the show and were laughing and giggling the whole time. And they couldn't stop talking about the puppets even days after the party. Thank you Joe for bringing so much happiness and joy on this special occasion (on zoom) despite the pandemic. The communication was great and the technical set up was seamless and perfect. Thank you!

Sujata - Oakland, CA

We wanted to do something special for our son’s 5th virtual birthday. The pandemic situation did not offer much so we explored virtual kids parties. Happy bright kids entertainment was the perfect place for us. The virtual magic and puppet show entailed a laughter riot and chucking, reminiscing the jokes for hours after. My kid and his friends had such a blast!! Highly recommend this to anyone looking to do something special for their kids. Thank you so much for making our son’s birthday special and so much fun!!!

Kiran - Pleasanton, CA

Simply superb. Jo his amazing. Kids loved it to the core. I asked for a feedback and rating score. One kid gave 20 out of 10 :) And I agree with that score