The three little engineers puppet show

The three little engineers puppet show
The three little engineers puppet show

(Best for ages 2-8)

Children are natural-born engineers. At a young age, they are already fascinated with building things and taking them apart to see how they work. This is exemplified by the popularity of things like building blocks, Legos, pillow forts, and sandcastles with young children. Here at HappyBrightKids, we would like to encourage this young interest in engineering and foster it even further. The art of puppetry is very engaging for children and is a great vehicle by which to deliver educational material in a memorable and exciting manner. That’s why we’re offering our brand new Three Little Engineering Pigs stage show. This show puts an educational twist on a classic children’s story so that kids laugh while they learn. The kids will follow the Three Little Pigs as they set out to become engineers and build their very own homes. Along the way, they’ll encounter the Big Bad Building Inspector, who’s out to give them a hard time. The only way to overcome the Building Inspector is to learn more about engineering. Over the course of the show, kids will learn what engineering is, as well as the do’s and don’ts of engineering. This show comes with original music, a behind the scenes look at how the show was performed, and a teachers guide.
Show Specifics
  • Funny, interactive stage puppet show (includes full puppet theater, music and sound effects)
  • Behind the scenes segment (audience will learn more about puppetry, and see how the show was actually performed backstage)
  • Fully interactive meet and greet (kids will get to actually meet the puppets from the show face to face and have funny interactions with them)
  • Best for ages 2-8 (kids that are slightly younger or older can also enjoy the show if they’re part of a mixed age group with 2-8 year olds)
  • Take great photos & Video (while kids interact with puppets during the show)
  • Duration: Approx. 35-40 minutes (depends on audience size, and can be adjusted)
  • Audience size: (Up to 200)
  • Set up/Break down time: (30 minutes)
  • Space requirements: (5 feet width, 5 feet length, 6-8 feet height (also allow 3-4 feet distance between stage and audience seating)
  • We provide all of our own equipment, including the stage, puppets and a professional sound system
  • Able to do multiple shows per day, but need to consider travel time between events

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