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The Three Little Pigs Puppet Show

Planning a children’s party entertainment can be a tough task. With such a wide selection of Birthday Party Activities to choose from, scheduling a birthday party can be pretty overwhelming. If you are located anywhere in or around San Francisco, San Jose, San Ramon or Oakland, you may want to consider including the Three Little Pigs puppet show as part of your kids birthday party. Here at Happy Bright Kids, we are offering a rendition of The Three Little Pigs story told in a puppet show format. The Three Little Pigs is a classic and beloved fable that most kids are already familiar with, so they will have no trouble following along with the story.
The show is both entertaining and educational, packed with tons of laughs, as well as a moral lesson that will teach the kids the value of hard work. It is also highly engaging, the show is presented in an interactive format where the kids will actually get to communicate with the puppets all throughout the story. That’s not all! After the show is over, the kids will actually get to see how the show is performed from behind the stage, and learn about the art of puppeteering. This experience then concludes with the kids actually getting to meet the puppets up close and personal for some additional laughs. Running at approximately 35 minutes, the show is the perfect length. Not too short, not too long. This puppet show will make a great addition to any San Francisco Birthday Party, San Jose Kids’ Birthday Party or any bay area event. It can also tie in very well with any kids learning games you may have planned for the party. Not only will the kids have a great time, but the adults are sure to have a few laughs as well. So, when it comes time to send out those party invitations, don’t forget to invite the Three Little Pigs!

Show Specifics

Funny, interactive stage puppet show (includes full puppet theater, music and sound effects)

Behind the scenes segment (audience will learn more about puppetry, and see how the show was actually performed backstage)

Fully interactive meet and greet (kids will get to actually meet the puppets from the show face to face and have funny interactions with them)

Best for ages 2-8 (kids that are slightly younger or older can also enjoy the show if they’re part of a mixed age group with 2-8 year olds)

Take great photos & Video (while kids interact with puppets during the show)

Duration: Approx. 35-40 minutes (depends on audience size, and can be adjusted)

Audience size: (Up to 200)

Set up/Break down time: (30 minutes)

Space requirements: (5 feet width, 5 feet length, 6-8 feet height (also allow 3-4 feet distance between stage and audience seating)

We provide all of our own equipment, including the stage, puppets and a professional sound system

Able to do multiple shows per day, but need to consider travel time between events

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