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We all know how much children love superheroes. There is something they’ll love even more and that is being a superhero on their birthday party. And with these ideas now they can.

Step 1: Party Invitations

For invitations, you should send out something that fits the theme of your child’s superhero birthday party theme. Try using the heading “calling all superheroes” make sure you include all the important information such as date,location and start and finish time.

Step 2: Party Decorations

For decorations, you may want to have your party area looking like a superhero secret lair. You may also want to have masks drawn on your balloons, have posters of superheros. You can give all the children capes and masks when they arrive or have them come dressed as their favorite superhero. Even some of the adults may want to join in on the fun as well.

Step 3 : Party Activities

there are a variety of activities available for a superhero birthday party such as having the kids make up their own superhero name and powers and you may also have different superhero attire available for the kids to try on such as a variety of gloves,capes, hats and masks.
The kids could even draw their own super symbols on a sticky paper to put on their costumes. 

Step 4: Party Games

After the children have finished making their own superhero identities, it may be time for them to play games. Your games should also match the superhero party theme. For outdoor parties, you could have the kids chase around a villain who could be played by a child or preferably an adult. Make sure that safety comes first. Set up the rules for the games before you start the fun.

Step 5: Party Entertainment

Superhero jumper houses are now very popular. There is a huge variety of bounce houses to choose form. Visit our Jumers Tips page for some tips on how to choose your jump house. And don’t forget to book Happy Bright Kids.

Step 6: Party Food

Naming the food to fit your theme is a good idea such as having super sandwiches or bat burgers. As always, keep sugar consumption to a minimum and until the end of the party.

Step 7: Party Cake

well it’s finally time for your child to blow out the candles and everyone to enjoy the cake. Choose the colors of your kids favorite superhero to decorate the cake. Put some action figures of the chosen superhero and villain on top of the cake. The birthday child will want to keep these toys to play with after the party is over.

Step 8: Party Favors

Finally it is time to end a super fun party. You may want to hand out party favors as a way of saying thank you to the guests. The favors are mostly goody bags that could include some candy or small action figures or even a comic book. Now your guests will go home happy that they came and will remember this super fun day for weeks to come.

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