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If your little one that loves storytime and fairy tales, and their special day is coming up soon, you may want to consider a storybook birthday party. With a storybook party, it will be like they stepped right into their favorite books! Here are some tips for throwing a fun, memorable storybook party.

Storybook party invitations

To set the mood of your storybook party right from the beginning, you can send out invitations in the shape of a storybook. Simply cut a piece of colorful construction paper into a rectangle shape, then fold it in half to form the front and back cover. Afterwards, fold in a smaller square shaped piece of paper into the cover to form the inside of your storybook invitation. You can hand-draw or print out a cover for the storybook invite.

Birthday party decorations

Throwing a storybook party isn’t uncommon, so you should be able to find a variety of paper plates, decorative banners, balloons and party hats starring fairytale characters at a local or online party supply store. In the party area, you can set out some of your child’s storybooks, stuffed animals and dolls that fit the overall theme, or even buy some new ones that serve as both party decorations and birthday presents.

Dress Up Accessories

To add that extra touch of fantasy to your storybook party, you can provide the guests with little accessories that serve as costumes. For example, you can have pig noses and wolf ears for the Three Little Pigs, a fake long nose for Pinocchio, pointy dwarf hats for Snow White, a red cape for Red Riding Hood, and a bear noses and ears for Goldilocks (and maybe even a gold wig).

Games & Activities

One of the great things about hosting a storybook party is the level of creativity that you can have with the planned activities. You can transform regular party games into magical experiences by including storybook themes and characters.
Pin the tail on the donkey can become pin the tail on the three little pigs (allowing three kids to have a turn at a time, or each kid has to pin three tails).
Rather than a regular scavenger hunt, you can have the kids find little red riding hood or the three little pigs (or both) who are hiding from the wolf. For this activity, simply print out a set of left and right wolf footprints and place them around the scavenger hunt area. The kids can be giving little red riding hood baskets and follow the tracks, picking up candy and toys along the way until they find stuffed toys or dolls of the red riding hood and three little pigs.
If you are handing out acessories as mentioned above, you can turn a regular game of tag into some fun pretend play. The kid who is “it” will wear the wolf nose and ears, and they will chase the other kids in storybook outfits. When someone is tagged, they will now wear the wolf nose and continue the chase.
Involving the accessories can also make for a fun storytime activity, as the story is read out loud the kids will act out the lines of whichever character they are dressed as.


Since this is a storybook birthday party, you will of course want to have a storybook cake. You can design a cake to look like a storybook, a fantasy castle or other landscape, a red riding hood basket with flowers inside, or a fairytale character. You can even serve the food in little red riding hood baskets instead of regular plates.

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