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You are the King & Queen in your home and if you are planning a party for your little prince then why don’t you make it grand with a Princess party. There are tons of ideas for a typical princess party and you can make the preparations all at home.
The first thing you need to do is to make your home into a castle. I think you can already imagine the smiles this very thought will bring to your prince’s face. The next choice you have to make is that of a catchy slogan that will fit the theme well. This slogan can be used in the invitations and as a part of the overall decorations as well. You use one of the following phrases:
– A Night of Enchantment
– Castle Party at John’s Magical Kingdom
– Hear Ye, Hear Ye…Princess Anna is turning 5!
– Sonia’s Pink Princess Party
– Gracious Knight come join us at john’s Castle for Feasting & Festivities!

Princess Party Invitations:

Princess party invitations could include pictures of glass princess slippers, castles and knights on royal horses. Make sure the cards look special by using stylish fonts, calligraphy, glitter inks and colored ribbons and flags. Mention the arrival and departure, date and venue clearly in the invitations. You can mention the dress code for the princess party as well. You can tie up the invitations with a bow like they did it in the olden days for all official parties.

Princess Party Decorations:

Decorate the entrance of your house with flags, shields and red carpets to make it a grand entrance.

Royal ball:

You can create a royal ball in your living room where you can decorate it with pink truffles and drape the tulles in the ceiling to create a canopy. This will give the look of a small dancing space for children to dance in. You can also drape the chairs with pink ribbons and colorful bows.

Royal entrance:

Using a chalk you can draw princess characters on the driveway eg: snow white and Cinderella.
At the entrance you can write “enter the castle” here or “welcome to the kingdom”. You can have cutouts of court attendants and the dwarfs prepared and place them at the entrance. These will form the welcoming party for the guests. When each guest arrives their names can be announced in the background as in royal courts.

Ok now that the guests have arrived and we are all set we need to make sure that each guest receives personal attention and leaves the party with fond memories. We will discuss this in PART II of the article.

The Princess Party – Part II

Now that the guests have arrived at the princess party let’s make the evening a delightful one for them. The best way to do this is to arrange some games which they will enjoy. Here are some beautiful ideas. 

Wishing well or fountain:

Place a small wishing well somewhere in the party. Give each guest a penny and ask them to wish something before dropping the penny into the well. Tell her that at night fall her wish will come true. You can then add gift boxes inside so that when each guest leaves they can pull out the gifts from the well.

Ice Drop:

Kids are divided into two teams and given 2 toothpicks and two bowls. In one bowl ice cubes are kept. The two bowls are placed at a distance on a table. Each person has to run from the start point bowl to the finish point bowl by carrying ice with toothpicks. The one who finishes first wins. 

Kiss the Prince:

This is a simple kid game. The kids put on red lipstick and are blindfolded and spun around. They then try to kiss a picture of a prince. Whoever is closest wins.

Glass Slipper:

Everyone sits in a circle and passes a slipper from one person to the next (while music is playing). Someone calls time or stops the music and the person left holding the slipper is out. Continue until there is only one person left.
Besides the games the next thing you can concentrate on is the food. Make sure the food is delicious so that it can be enjoyed by the children. Some useful suggestions are Food Items
All types of breads and platter of meats Enchanted chicken and turkey legs Cream cheese & strawberry jam sandwiches (you can shape them with star, heart, diamond etc.
Royal Salad (dried cranberries, golden raisins, cherries etc.) 

Princess Party Drinks:

- Apple juice
- Some sort of a sherbet
- Pink lemonade
- Strawberry tea
- Princess Party Treats:
- Strawberries
- Grapes
- Cockies
- Popcorn
At the end of the party give everyone a small return gift so that they remember the party for a long time.

Princess Party Favors:

“Love” and “Thank You” charms can be added as favors and gifts. The half diameter charms feature a hole at the top for easy attachment with ribbon. Small assorted gift packets with plastic miniature princess dolls, wands, magical characters work well.
Now you can start planning you royal ball and don’t forget to include your prince or princess in the process.

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