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Get ready to Have your house become the funnest pirate ship in the sea for your child’s birthday. This pirate party will be filled with adventure and fun for your kid as well as the rest of your guests.
All the tips you need for a fun pirate party for the whole family have been split into the following categories:
pirate party invitations, pirate party decorations, pirate party activities, pirate party games, pirate party costumes,pirate party snacks, pirate party entertaiment and cake. Read through our list and pick out the ones you think will be the best for your pirate theme party.

Step 1: Pirate Party Invitations

For the invitations to your Pirate Party Adventure use something that fits your pirate party theme, such as a skull and crossbones flag, a treasure map or hidden treasure. Be sure all the details for your party are spelled out clearly: Party Date, Party time, Party Location, Party directions, Contact number or email etc.

Step 2: Pirate Party Decorations

To make your Pirate party feel just like the high seas you might want to decorate your home and backyard with pirate flags,treasure chests and toy parrots,you may also want to include an X marking special areas at your pirate party such as the driveway or the area were the cake is
waiting,to add to the pirate fun a sign outside of your home such as “Ahoy Mateys” will help your guests know they have come to the right place and it will add to the pirate feel as well.

Step 3 : Pirate Party Activities

Would you like your guests to remember your pirate party after it’s over?
Well then a great idea is to have a time for activites where the guests create crafts to take home such as designing small treasure chests and filling them with toy coins or toys or making a treasure
map or pirate flag,this way your pirate party will be remembered long after its over.

Step 4: Pirate Party Games

Every pirate party needs fun games to keep the kids entertained,for a pirate party you should have games that match the theme such as balloon sword fights, walking the plank, finding the hidden treasure or other pirate themed games.
A pirate ship jumper will be a fun addition to your pirate theme party. There are party rentals companies that provide inflatable bounce houses for rent. Check out our party jumper rental tips page for more information.

Step 5: Pirate Party Costumes

A great addition to a pirate themed birthday party is to have all the guests dressed in pirate garb with the birthday child being the captain. The kids may bring their own costumes. The pirate costumes can be sent with the invitations or simple provided at the party.

Step 6: Pirate Party Food And Snacks

A very important part of any party is the food as of course everyone will want to eat, it is best not to include sugary foods as the kids will get very hyper and may ruin something or get hurt. Some pirate

Party food examples are:
Seaweed Linguine :green pasta
Gold nuggets: chicken nuggets
Octopus: split hot dogs
Hot Dog Pirate Ships : spear a wooden skewer through a small piece of paper to make a schooner sail and then pierce it through a hot dog, then add a few Goldfish crackers.
Pirates teeth: White corn

Step 7: Pirate party Entertainment

A professional kids entertainer will make you pirate party fun and memorable.
Make sure to check out your local area’s kids party entertainment or check out our family fun page.

Step 8: pirate party Cake and Favors

And now after a fun day of pirate adventure its time for the birthday captain to blow out his candles and everyone to enjoy the cake. A good cake for a pirate party is a pirate ship, you could also use a
treasure chest,X marks the spot or skull and crossbones themed cake as long as it matches your pirate party theme. For party favors such as goodie bags, you can give out goodie treasure chests. Now all your guests will return to shore very happy.

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