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Pirates are one of the most popular kids party themes, and the pirate theme party for kids can lend itself to some great party activity ideas. This theme will really allow you to express your creativity with decorations and activity choices. For a pirate theme birthday party, you can even get the birthday kid involved and helping out with the arts and crafts for decorations.

Pirate Theme Party Invitations

Invitations are a good start when planning a pirate theme party. A pirate map invitation with an X marking the party location will get your guests in a pirate mood before the party has even started. You may even want to include a spin of a popular pirate-themed rhyme such as “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Captain Jeff’s 3rd birthday will be a lot of fun. Please come!”. If your pirate party is also going to be a costume party, be sure to mention that in the invitations so that everyone shows up prepared. 

Pirate Theme Party Decorations

Decorations are a piece of cake for a pirate theme party. If you want to go all out, you can decorate the party area like an actual pirate ship using pre-made pirate party sets, or by making your own. You can also suffice with a pirate party with some simple skull and crossbones and sail mast decorations around the party area. The cake can be shaped like a pirate ship, a skull and crossbones, a parrot, a treasure chest, a pirate hat, etc. The options are endless! If you are not opting for a costume party, you can have pirate hat shaped party hats on-hand for all of the kids, and the birthday child can even have a special captain party hat.

Pirate Theme Party Games and Activities

You have a wide variety of pirate theme party games and activities to choose from when throwing a pirate party. A treasure hunt is a fairly common and easy choice that is always a ton of fun. Simply hide some pirate related items around the party area, and give the kids a map with some clues. The clues will lead them to each of the items, and once they’ve completed all of the items they can receive a prize (the prize can be goodie bags where they place some of the items they’ve found into the bag, or even just a piece of a treasure chest cake).
Other standard party games become natural fits for a pirate theme party by simply giving them a fitting name. For example you can try “pin the peg leg on the pirate”, “hide the treasure and go seek”, or “walk the plank” if you have a pool to use.

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