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Whether for Halloween or a birthday party. A Monster party can be a lot of fun for kids. That’s why Halloween has gotten more and more popular over the years. This page will help you organize your Halloween or monster kids birthday party from start to finish.
Get ready to think outside the coffin and throw your child a monstrous birthday party with these monster birthday party theme ideas. 

Step 1: Halloween Party Invitations

Make sure your Monster party is planned for the appropriate age group. Design or buy your invitations cards with a graveyard background for a spooky invitation to the party. Do not forget to include the date,address, start and finish time 

Step 2: Halloween Party Decorations

If your party is being held indoors you may want to hang fake spiderwebs and skeletons if it is outdoors you can add head stones, play coffins or jack o lanterns. Make sure to have some kind of venue marker like a banner or balloons so that it is easy for your guests to find you.

Step 3 : Halloween Party Activities

For activities for your child and party guests to enjoy you should have them all dress up as their favorite monsters such as vampires,mummy’s or werewolves or even have them make up their own characters. Face painting can be a way of furthering the monstrous fun.

Step 4: Halloween Party Games

For party games you can take normal party games and give them a monstrous twist to fit the rest of your child’s birthday theme such as monster tag or monster hide n seek were the kids could even hide in play coffins.

Step 5: Halloween Party Entertainment

For a monster themed birthday party you may want to book someone who will do face painting for the kids to look more like monsters, any Family Fun entertainment will add charm and excitement to your event. You can also rent a monster jump house.

Step 6: Halloween Party Food

Labeling food to fit the theme is always a winner. something as simple as spaghetti can be turned into brains and worms to fit the theme. Rice pudding with raisins could be flies in your bowl. Flies in your fries. The possibilities are endless.

Step 7: Halloween Party Cake

For your birthday cake for a monster themed party you may want to have the cake shaped like a jack o lantern,tombstone or your child’s favorite monster.

Step 8: Halloween Party Favors

Well it’s almost time to end the fun. It is always nice to hand out party favors and send the guests home happy good party favors for a monster party would be having little candies or whatever you decide to include in a jack o lantern. You could even have the kids trick or treat as they head for the door to say goodbye.

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