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Farm theme party:There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding on a kid’s birthday party theme. To make your birthday party one to remember, you should look into your child’s interests. What is he or she into?

Decorate your party location

A fun idea for a child who is interested in farm animals would be to throw a farm theme party. This theme will appeal to boys and girls. It’s pretty easy to construct as well, and there are a ton of ideas to base your farm theme party on. For starters, you could decorate your party location with your child’s stuffed farm animals such as: chickens, goats, horses, ponies, and donkeys. Pretty much any farm animal will do as along as your child is fond of them. Materials that are shaped as various animals can also be used for decoration. You can even use balloon twisting to make miscellaneous farm items such as a tractor or actual barnyard for your farm balloon animals.

Farm theme party games

Pin the tail on the donkey is a fun activity idea for children with a farm animal interest. It’s a classic and very popular game that fits very well with the farm theme. One other fun activity would be to have the children participate in making crafts, such as masks of different animals. Once completed they would wear the mask and pretend play as the animal they are dressed as.
If you own a barn or you know someone who owns a barn then perhaps you could have your farm theme party held inside the barn, with haystacks used for seating. Holding a scavenger hunt for eggs is a great and engaging activity for a barnyard party. The kids can also sing popular farm-themed classics like “Old McDonald Had A Farm” or “The Farmer and the Dell”,
Every party has presents. To make it more interesting, the kids can each wrap their present in a gift wrap designed with their favorite animal. A costume party can also be a fun idea, just be sure to let the guests know about it before the event.

Great way to bring the farm theme

Pony rides are a great and safe way to incorporate animals into a farm theme party. Just be sure that your party area has enough space for ponies to walk around in without too much constraint. Also, if you are holding the party in an area that is not your home, be sure to get permission from the venue beforehand. Petting zoos can also work great for a farm theme party, and are a good replacement for pony rides if some of the kids in attendance are too young to ride ponies. No matter which activity you choose, having live animals at a farm theme party is a great way to bring the theme to life!

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