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The Elmo birthday party theme can turn your baby’s first birthday party into a fabulous event for the baby as well the whole family. The theme can incorporate a lot of activity and involve everyone who matters. You can select the costumes, decorations, activities and food that feature Elmo, the cute furry red monster. Decorate your house with items that evoke and imitate the Elmo’s room shown in the Sesame Street. You can use a color copying machine to enlarge the clip art or you can even take images from children’s activity books and attach them to your walls. Include items like Elmo’s crayons drawn computer, the fish bowl, the front door, Elmo’s pet fish and windows and the shade. Include Elmo shaped balloons in the party along with red and white common balloons. Find a few big balloons, write “happy Birthday” on cards, cut out the alphabets and stick them to the balloons with glue. Hang these balloons around the table and on the walls- a nice and expressive way to set a party theme.

You can also place small Elmo dolls inside the balloons, for doing this ask someone to help you hold the inflated balloon from neck, open it a bit and slip the doll inside. Along with the Elmo dolls you can also place Elmo candies and chocolates inside the balloons. Get different types of Elmo singing dolls and hide them inside your house. They would provide a lot of fun and you can also ask your little baby to find those hidden dolls to create a lot of activity, the guests and friends can also help the little baby in finding the Elmo singing dolls.

Make the birthday cake table center of attention in your Elmo theme birthday party for all the guests. Decorate the table by placing red colored tablecloths on the tables. Get some magnetic alphabets and scatter them on the table. Get an Elmo faced stuffed toy and place it on the center of table. Use Elmo themed plates, bowls and spoons and cups. You can also use red or white napkins or the ones which have an Elmo picture on them. If you can’t find Elmo themed plates and bowls you can use the simple red or white ones and attach Elmo stickers to these plates and bowls, the same can also be done with cups and spoons. The cake is most important item in a birthday party and no party can be complete without an Elmo shaped cake. You can order a cake for the birthday that has an Elmo face on it or you can apply Elmo shaped sugar icing decoration on top of a layered cake. Just buy a plain red and white cake from your nearest bakery, get Elmo sugar icing decorations from a grocery store, party stores or an online specialty retailer and place them on top of your plain cake to give it a nice Elmo effect.

Add a little extra color to the party by placing groups of Elmo stuffed toys and puppets in the party room. Use Sesame street educational electronic toys and Elmo books. You can also use coloring books that feature an Elmo picture and hand over crayons to the guests and ask them to color the Elmo pictures.

These tips and ideas would surely help you throw an Elmo birthday party for your child, but to make this event even more fabulous and enjoy it along with your kids and friends you can contact Happy Bright Kids to decorate and manage the whole event for you. You can call us at (925) 967-4437 to book a party for your kid and avail our services. At our puppets store, we also sell puppets and can provide you with your own custom designs.

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