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I am often asked by parents about how to best choose a party supplies company for their child’s birthday party.
Everyone wants to get a great deal from the jumper rental company or the party supplies rental. Whether you are renting a hot dog machine, popcorn machine, or a cotton candy machine, or even a tent and chairs.

You deserve to get your money’s worth without any compromise on quality or safety.
Avoid ordering any products by simply filling up an online form. It is best to pick up the phone and call the company directly or send an email asking specific questions. Ask if the company is insured and licenced. Make sure to ask if you will be receiving the exact products that are pictured on the website.

If renting a bounce house make sure it is made of Vinyl not nylon. If renting a tent also make sure that it is of professional quality and that it is fire retardant as required by many states. There are specific safety rules for tent and canopy rentals. Ask the rental company about their cleaning procedures. Most rental products need to be cleaned and sterilised before getting rented out again.

Food concession equipment rentals are of particular concern. Especially meat cooking devices such as hot dog and pizza cooking machines. A professional rental company will usually volunteer their cleaning procedures to emphasize health and safety issues. If they don’t volunteer that information, then you should ask. Please be vigilant and visually inspect the machines before use. No matter how careful the company is, mistakes can happen. I am not a huge fan of cotton candy machines. They can easily ruin a good planned party. With all that sugar, the kids can’t help but run wild. Sometimes in circles. Cotton candy machines should never be rented for indoor parties in particular.

With that said, go out and have a safe and wonderful time at your next party!

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