Five Fun Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

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One of the great things about the internet is the amount of useful information that can be found with a simple internet search, which makes it a very helpful tool when planning a party and considering ideas. Today’s post deals specifically with the birthday cake, below we have compiled some of our favorite creative birthday cake ideas that we came across while surfing the net.

1- Electric Guitar Birthday Cake: 

A very fitting birthday cake for the little rockstar in your life. Simply make a stencil using poster board, then cut into the base shape of the guitar. If you are using multiple pieces for the guitar base and neck, put them together. Next, simply cover them a coat of icing and decorate it using appropriate colors.

2- Butterfly Cake:

This birthday cake design is very popular with girls, and simple to decorate. You will want to begin with a 9’’ round base of cake, then remove the dome and cut it in a similar shape to a peace sign. Afterwards, turn the four pieces over and make sure that the corners are facing the center, this creates the butterfly shape. You are now free to use your creativity and decorate with icing.

3- Fire Truck Cake:

If your little one is obsessed with fire trucks, this birthday cake idea is perfect! To start, you will want to take three separate 8 by 4 inch cakes and cut off the tops, so that both sides are flat. Then place two of them on top of each other and use frosting to hold them together. This is followed by cutting the third cake in half and stacking one piece on top of the other and leaving them standing. Now place the two stacked halves in front of the two stacked full cakes, thus creating the fire truck’s base. Now you can decorate your fire truck birthday cake with frosting, you may want to add a ladder and hose to the design, and maybe even a dalmatian dog.

4- Dinosaur Cake:

Start off with two 9’’ cakes for this creative birthday cake idea, cutting off about ¼ of the first cake until it resembles a half circle and then cutting a U shape into the middle. Cut from the flat side up into the round side on top, this should be about two inches over, you have now created the body for the dinosaur. After this, use a stencil to make the head and tail with the other 9’’ cake. Place the head on one end, and the tail on the other. Finish off your dinosaur birthday cake by decorating with frosting.

5- Castle Cake:

The perfect birthday cake idea for your little prince or princess. Start off with four 8’’ square shaped cakes, cut off the tops from all four so that they’re flat on both ends. Stack three of them on top of one another, using frosting between each cake to hold them together. After this, cut the 4th cake into four quarters and place them on each corner of the stacked cake’s roof. Following this, add your frosting and decorate the doors and windows. For a finishing touch, place an ice cream cone on top of the four corners to make towers for your castle birthday cake.

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