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The birthday cake is the center of appeal for any birthday party. Cakes are like a birthday gift for all your guests to enjoy. Every kid or even their parents who come to the birthday party look forward to some delicious well made birthday cake, it’s an expected birthday gift for all.

But for you as the host the first thing to decide upon before selecting the type of gourmet birthday cake is to select a party theme and the design for the birthday cake would fall into place automatically.
Many people opt for online cake ordering. Online cake ordering has been made easier with interactive online cake ordering tools. A cheaper alternative to online cake ordering is to make the cake yourself. It’s simple enough that you can involve the birthday child in the process. What gives a cake its style, look and taste is the icing. So make sure you choose a proper icing technique based on the theme of the party. Birthday cakes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and some of them can be made at home easily with the minimal effort.
An all time favorite for most children especially the girls is the princesses Castle Cake. So let’s go ahead and get one ready for the occasion in a matter of minutes. Now you too can make your own gourmet birthday cake.
Once you are all set to bake a princesses castle cake at home, take a square shaped sponge cake and place it on a large platter. The next thing you need to do is frost it. As you may already know frosting helps to seal the moisture in cake and adds additional flavor and texture to it as well.

Ok once the square cake is frosted, layer it with a second square cake. Now how do we get the look of a castle? It’s simple. Place one cup cake each at the four corners of the square cake. And then to give each of the four corners the look of a turret top each one with an ice cream cone turned on its head.

Now its time to frost the cup cakes as well as the cones. Once that is done give the castle walls a textured look by scratching them with a fork. Go ahead and spray some green sugar on the cones and then top each cone with some nice chocolate sauce. To give it a much better outline arrange some wafers on the cake to make them look like doors and windows.

To add the final touches enfold the cake with some colorful jelly and green shredded coconut. Its now time to sing the birthday rhyme and let the party guests take their fill from your gourmet cake.

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