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Magic show

When it comes to performing a magic show for kids parties the magician must be aware of the different age groups that will be present. You should avoid performing specific magic tricks for kids that will come off as confusing or complicated. You must keep the magic show simple yet progressive. This is the best way to keep the kids entertained during the magic show. 

Magic show for different events

Magic shows can be performed for a variety of different events including a birthday party, holiday party, kids fairs or festivals, family picnics, and many more! The magic show should have a line-up of acts that progressively move from one to another and flow seamlessly. Most kids don’t posses long attention spans which allow them to focus on a trick for a long time period. Therefore any magic trick you perform for kids that requires a lot of time and patience, or takes time to build climax may lose the audience. You may want to just focus on the basics, such as making small objects disappear or pulling things out of your hat.

Kids participation

Get the kids to participate in the magic show in interactive ways that tie into it as much as possible. Request for some volunteers from the crowd to “help” you with a trick. The attention of the children is the most important thing during a magic show. Therefore calling upon kids to come up during the act will make them feel more involved. They will be even more excited for the show seeing their friends come up and getting to participate themselves.
Typically when involving kids in the audience, the magician will ask them to take part in disappearing acts or card tricks. Card tricks can astonish kids if executed properly, when you make something disappear in front of their very own eyes it can be a very memorable experience for them. The kids always try to figure out how you performed that illusion right in front of them since children are curious, so expect a flock of kids asking you questions like a press conference.
Being a magician can be an enjoyable and gratifying career. You can participate in this pastime and perform your new found tricks in front of your friends and family, You can also make it a living performing magic shows for small or large groups of kids at a birthday party, or other kids events.

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