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Jungle Joe Show

The “Me, Myself, and I” ventriloquist act stars a variety of funny puppet characters with their own unique quirky personalities that make for a lot of laughs. This ventriloquist act is performed by Joe (also known as Jungle Joe), who is a master ventriloquist with nearly 20 years of experience.

Throughout the ventriloquist act, the kids in the audience will have chances to volunteer to meet and interact with the puppets themselves. With the high level of interactivity, the kids themselves are actually part of the ventriloquist act and not just audience members. In addition to all of the funny puppet characters, this ventriloquist act has a lot of variety and also includes some funny props and illusions. Over the course of the ventriloquist act, some of the kids will have chances to see what it’s like being a ventriloquist dummy themselves, and help draw a picture then watch as their picture comes to life.

Show Specifics

Fully interactive (kids will get chances to volunteer and interact with the puppets)

Full of variety (Puppet, magic, illusions and much more…)

Excellent show (for all age groups, including the adults)

Educational value (kids will learn to treat animals with kindness)

Take great photos & Video (while kids interact with puppets during the show)

Duration: Approx. 40 minutes (Can be adjusted)

Audience size: (Up to 200)

Set up/Break down time: (10 minutes)

Space requirements: (Can fit the show in any space indoor or out)

We come equipped with a professional sound system

Able to do multiple shows per day, but need to consider travel time between events

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