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Interactive games are a staple for kids’ parties, and are a great alternative to running around and freeplay. With interactive games, the kids can burn off all of that energy in a controlled environment while also having fun, age-appropriate competition rather than aimless running. There is a wide range of different interactive kids games that are all great for parties. Criteria for interactive games for kids varies between party hosts, but a general rule of thumb is simple, easy-to-follow rules and setup.

One of the most popular and time-tested kids interactive games is musical chairs, and for good reason. Musical chairs requires only a set of chairs, technology with music playing capability (smartphone, mp3 player or tablet) and a group of kids ready to have fun! An even more streamlined and energetic approach to this style of interactive games is freeze dance. With freeze dance, the chairs are eliminated and kids are encouraged to actually dance rather than pace and sit.

Interactive games can also include races and scavenger hunts. This style of interactive games usually lends to more parent participation as you help the kids find the treasure, or cheer them on to the finish line. The parents can even be directly involved in racing with a three-legged race involving a child and one parent per contestant.
Our interactive games package adds our unique spin and a further level of excitement to the party games and seamlessly ties them into the other activities as part of the overall party package.

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