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Follow thest 5 simple steps to throw a fabulous 1st birthday party for your child.

1. First birthday party (Timing):

Most parents like to schedual their kid’s first birthday party around their child’s nap and meal time. A two hour event is usually long enough to do all that’s needed for a first birthday party in this case.

Increasingly though, I have seen more and more families throwing a much larger bach for a first birthday party. These are usually prolonged parties, serving meals, hiring entertainment and even renting party halls to hold the party. This a great way to share quality happy moments with your friends and family. Do not expect your baby to go through all of the activities. For an enjoyable time, try not to break your child’s routine of food, change and sleep. You may be extra busy, but your baby should come first. That should cut down on the level of stress to you and to your child. Designate a family member early on to help with this task. If your child is very attached to you, you should delegate some of the party tasks to friends and family. Your baby will look at you for comfort in this changed envirnment. It’s important that you stay calm, as your baby will sense any signs of stress in you and start to get fussy.

2. First birthday party (Theme):

A party theme will help you organize your event more efficiently. A common Theme makes shopping for your event much easier, plus it adds a sense of harmony to your general party atmosphere.

3. First birthday party (Plan activities):

Fun party games related to your theme. Hiring a professional kids entertainer will pay great dividends.

4. First birthday party (Simple foods):

like pizza and finger foods are usually more than enough. For adults, variety is the spice of life.

A slide show of your baby’s photos or video clips set to music is a great way to share the child’s first year of life with your guests. If that proves to be difficult, then a simple collage of printed pictures gluded onto a color poster board will do the trick. Hang the poster above where the cake cutting will take place. This a great way to share your baby’s development with your guests.

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