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Up to how many children can you perform for at once ?

We can perform for up to 200 kids at once. However, our kids entertainment are heavily reliant on interaction, so having a large amount of children in a single audience will not allow all of them to interact with the puppets and get the most out of the performance. For this reason we suggest splitting up large audiences and booking multiple shows. We offer a multiple booking discount for shows booked on the same day to help accommodate this.

What is the intended age group for your kids entertainment /Are my children too young or old?

We offer a variety of different kids entertainment suited for all age groups from toddlers/pre-K to elementary school. We’ve got something for everyone.

Do you do kids entertainment at homes/ parks/ clubhouses/ restaurants?

Yes, we travel to do shows at events at practically any location including homes, parks, clubhouses, restaurants, schools, libraries, religious buildings, fairs, festivals, and much more.

When is the best time to schedule your show during the event? (eg: before or after food/cake)

It’s suggested to allow 15 to 30 minutes between the party’s start time and the show’s start time just to allow for late arrivals to make it in so they don’t miss the show. Aside from that, show scheduling is up to the customer’s discretion based on how they would like their event to be scheduled. We do not have any personal preference for when our shows should be scheduled during the party. However, we are here to help should you need help with scheduling.

Is food allowed during the kids entertainment?

We try to avoid having the kids eating or carrying any food items during our kids entertainment. Our shows are interactive so things tend to get spilled when the kids get up, and the kids’ hands may be dirty with food residue when they touch the puppets. Exceptions can be made for food that is not particularly messy, just ask during the booking process.

Can your shows be adapted to fit a particular party theme?

Most of our shows can be adapted to fit most party themes, just let us know what your party theme is during booking.

Can I book online?

Sure, We have improved our online booking system to make it even easier for you to book entertainment and activities for your next kids event. Book Now.

How early should I book the show?

As early as possible. Our show calendars are constantly being updated, so the sooner you book the better the chance that your ideal date and time will be available for you. We do take last minute bookings as long as ample travel time is available.

How can I change the date and/or time of a show after booking?

Simply contact us via email or phone and let us know that you would like to make a change to a booking.


How does payment work?

We offer several different payment methods for the customer’s convenience. You can either pay before the party by making payment online with a credit card or PayPal account. Or you can pay on the day of the party by handing the performer cash or check payment after the performance. Our payment process is very simple and is explained in full upon confirming your booking.

Do you require a deposit for payment?

No, we do not require deposits for payment. We phased deposits out of our payment process years ago to make it easier for everyone involved.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you need to cancel a booking for any reason, simply contact us via phone or email and we will make the cancellation. Payments for canceled shows are fully refunded. As a courtesy, please give us enough time to re-schedule your time slot when possible.


What do you bring to the puppet show and how much space do you need?

Our stage shows bring a full theater experience to your event complete with our own sound system. The puppet stage requires a performance space of 6 feet wide by 6 feet long, with at least a 7 foot ceiling. The stage should be set up on a level surface or on an elevated platform with one standard power outlet nearby. The audience should be seated at least 3 to 4 feet in front of the stage to comfortably view the performance. Please see the illustration below for an idea of how the stage looks, and the all around specific measurements.

Expert Performer ACT Space requirements

Can fit the show in any space indoor or out.

Do you perform outdoors?

Yes, we perform outdoors as long as the weather permits it. It is good to have a backup plan for outdoor kids entertainment just in-case of any unexpected weather conditions such as heavy winds or rain.


What is the best phone number to reach you on the day of the event?

If you have any further question you can contact us by phone at (510) 851-8562

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