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Clown theme birthday party Milpitas,CA

Instead of going out to a crowded carnival, why not bring the circus right to your backyard with a clown theme party? With a clown theme party, you can skip all of the lines and overpriced food while bringing the magic and excitement of the carnival right to your own home.
Throwing a clown birthday party can be a lot of fun to set up. For starters, you’ll want fitting party hats, plastic silverware and a cake that all tie into your clown party theme. You can set up your backyard (or even a rented park or clubhouse) with clown party decorations to look more like a carnival. In place of carnival rides, set up a bounce house with a design that fits your clown party theme. You can rent a petting zoo for your clown party and let the kids actually pet some animals, rather than watch them jump through hoops or balance objects on their nose.
Of course, no clown birthday party (or any clown theme party for that matter) is complete without an actual clown for your party! Our clown theme party package is great for any circus/carnival/clown party. Our clowns are non intimidating and do not hide their entire face in makeup, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being afraid. Our clown will lead the kids through a series of fun party activities that are done in group and solo sessions. You can choose the clown’s activities for the party yourself, so that it’s tailored specially to your celebration. Our clown is also great for even a regular party, and will hold the kids’ attention with funny and exciting activities.

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