Jungle safari theme

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Jungle safari party theme
Jungle safari party theme

I have performed at hundreds of jungle safari theme parties as Jungle Joe. A jungle safari theme works very well for all animal lovers, both boys, and girls alike. Here are a few tips to help you plan a jungle safari party. 

Jungle safari theme invites

Get creative with your Safari invites as they are the first impression that your invitees will have of your party. Paper invitations can be made to look like passports, you can get creative and include a visa to an African or South American Jungle. For e-cards, you can even include jungle safari ambient noises. Don’t forget to add animals, some jungle vines, and trees to add to the safari fun.

Jungle safari theme masks

At the start of your jungle safari party, the kids can make animal masks out of paper plates. This activity helps to get the kids settled into the theme of the party while working on fun arts and crafts activities. Layout some paint, markers, glitter and crayons and let them get creative. Some elastic bands and a stapler will secure the masks and make them wearable. These are a great alternative to regular party hats or store bought masks.

The face of the moon was in shadow

To decorate your party location, simply fill up some green balloons with helium and tie the bottom of each balloon to a light brown streamer, to give off the look and feel of a tree. Place some printed paper jungle animals on each balloon to add more of a jungle look to the decorations. To further the jungle theme look, use an assortment of brown, yellow, and green streamers that look like vines. You can even have some of your fellow party goers dress up in safari gear.
To round out the jungle theme decorations, you can get a pinata that is designed like your child’s favorite jungle animal. You can also use some of your child’s stuffed animals to bring further life to the decorations. Having some royalty free jungle themed music playing in the background will add to the party atmosphere. Getting some confetti that is shaped into some jungle animals can add more pizzazz to the party. You can simply spread the confetti around the cake table and all over the party area, or include it in the pinata.
For the cake table, you can layout a jungle themed spread with your child’s favorite jungle animals. In terms of party supplies, just make sure you have the essentials: cups, plates, spoons, forks, pitchers, trays, and platters. Go over your food menu for the party and make sure you have everything you need. Be sure to include some placemats and table cloth.
Jungle safari party games

A scavenger hunt and pin the tail on the lion are great games for a jungle safari party. You can also add some team games like “ Into the Waterhole”. Simply split the kids into two teams to compete in a game of tug-o-war. If outdoors, the waterhole could be a water filled kiddy pool. If water is too much of a mess or if it is indoors, then blue balloons can be used to substitute. The water (or blue balloons) is placed between the teams, and the pulling begins. Whichever team is able to pull the other team into the waterhole wins.

jungle safari party cake

If you decide to bake a cake yourself, you could buy a cake pan that is shaped like your child’s favorite animal. These pans are readily available online or at a party store. A simple rectangular cake with green frosting, plastic trees, and animals is easier to make and works just as well. You can also buy a pre-made cake that is designed after a jungle animal, or even a jungle landscape.

jungle safari food tips

Pizza should never be ruled out from any kid's party. For a Jungle Safari theme, however, you may also consider finger sandwiches. These can be cut with animal shaped cookie cutters. You can also serve animal crackers, monkey banana splits, and even mud pies.
For drinks, you can make an exotic fruit punch. Use tropical fruits like mango, passion fruit, pineapple, and kiwi. Add a little zing of lemon lime soda to the mix and you are ready to serve the kids.

jungle safari party favors

Wow! You did it… The party is coming to a close and the kids are now ready to go home. A safari goodie bag will make the party memories last even longer. Safari print goodie bags, binoculars, a toy jeep, and party hats can all be purchased online for a reasonable price.

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