Bubble game for kids birthday party

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Bubble game for kids party
Bubble game for kids party

Bubble blowing is already a very popular bubble game activity for children of all ages, but that’s just the beginning! You can add a further level of excitement to bubble blowing by turning the activity into fun bubble games. We have listed some examples below that make for great kid’s party games.

Bubble game: Bubble Up

This is a bubble game that is very simple to set up and play. All you need to play this party game is a timer, a group of kids ready to have fun, and enough space for all of them to stand in. Have the children form a circle, with the first player standing in the center. The kid in the circle should be holding a bubble wand with a bunch of holes in it, and they will begin blowing as many bubbles as possible. The player will then attempt to pop all of the bubbles in the shortest amount of time that they can. The other kids in the circle will try to keep all of the bubbles from popping by blowing them back into the air and away from any solid object. When all of the bubbles are popped, the next kid will go in the circle and the game will start over. This bubble game carries on until everyone has had a turn, then you can rank the popping times. It is recommended that you play indoors, as the wind may blow the bubbles away outdoors.

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This bubble game is actually a mixture of a party game and an art project. In the game area, place an assortment of bowls filled with dish soap and resistant paint of different colors, as well as a stack of white printer paper. The party guests will team up into pairs to play. One player from each group will dip their designated wand into one of the bowls (maybe with their favorite color), and then blow a bubble. The other player on the team will then raise up a piece of paper to catch the colored bubble, causing it to pop on the paper, you will end up with the first splash of color. The team then carries on blowing bubbles with other colors of their choice and catching them on the paper until they have a final result for their bubble art. The players can then switch so both members of the team have a chance to create their bubble art. This not only makes for a fun party game, but also allows the kids to express their creativity.

Bubble game: Dance, Pop, Freeze

Freeze dance is already one of the most popular party games for kids, this game combines an already fun activity with another kids’ favorite: blowing bubbles! This bubble game starts off with the kids standing together in the dance area, and the adults on the sidelines with some bubble wands. Once the music has started, the grown ups will blow bubbles at the kids and the kids will try to pop as many bubbles as they can while dancing to the music. When the music is paused, the real challenge begins. The kids will need to immediately stop dancing and blowing bubbles, they should now stand in place frozen. Some younger kids will find this especially hard, as they would rather continue chasing bubbles and don’t like standing still. Of course, anyone who doesn’t freeze when the music stops is out of the dancing game. However the kids who have lost the rounds are not out of the game, so no need to be sad! They will help the adults blow bubbles during the remaining rounds, and blow on the escaping bubbles to keep them in the dance area. As the rounds progress, you can start pausing the music sooner and sooner with every round to keep the kids on their toes. The last kid remaining is the winner.

Bubble game: Bubble wrapped

This party game is not focused on winning, it is more of a cool experience and a great demonstration of the magic of bubbles. With this activity, the kids will actually get to experience what it’s like being inside of a giant bubble. For this party game, set up a kiddie pool and pour in a bubble serum (the stronger the serum, the better). Then put a small chair or step stool in the middle of the pool, the kids will sit there one at a time in the center of the pool. After the kid is seated, put a hula hoop in the pool (it should be small enough to fit into the pool, but big enough to go around the seated kid). Leave the hula hoop for a minute and allow it to soak in the bubble serum. The other children should stand in a circle around the pool, and lift up the hula hoop over the kid seated in the center. Be sure to lift up the hula hoop slowly, as doing it too fast can cause the bubble to pop before it can form. The child will now be surrounded by a giant bubble. Once it is fully lifted over them, they can pop it and the next kid will get a turn.

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