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Let me start by saying that Just by getting this far, you are away ahead of the game. Follow these simple tips below and book Jungle Joe to entertain your guests and your toddler birthday party will be a great hit.

1. Birthday party places

There is usually no better birthday party places for kids to hold a toddler birthday party than your own home. Children are usually better behaved in the home environment and much easier to control. It is always wise to make sure any valuable items are stored away in case of accidents. Outdoor parties can be a lot of fun. whether it’s held in one of the bay area’s beautiful parks or simply in your own backyard, you must ALWAYS have a contingency plan in case of bad weather. Outdoor kids parties in the San Francisco Bay Area are usually OK from May through October.
If you feel your house is too small to accommodate the number of children you are planning to invite, then booking a local hall is a sensible option. Choose carefully and try to find one that has a carpeted floor. I did a San Jose kids birthday party once in a Large, echoey hall with polished floors. These halls amplify even the tiniest of noises which makes it difficult to make yourself heard and keep the children under control.
When holding your party in a hall, be sure to make a thorough checklist of everything you will need to take with you for the party (Don’t forget your music, prizes, matches or a lighter to light the birthday cake candles with!). Shows at a local restaurant can also be a great option for certain families in the Bay area. 

2. Balloon Clues

Finding the party venue can be a real headache – especially in the dark! A bunch of balloons (not just one – it will pop!) tied to your mailbox will prove of help to your guests and the entertainer. I did a toddler birthday party in the Oakland hills once. Almost half the guests showed up really late because the roads were windy and the house number was hard to see. Balloons could of easily fixed that problem.

3. Birthday Party Badges

It is a good idea to provide each child with a sticky label badge bearing his or her name. People tend to respond better when they are addressed by name. I once did a performance for a 6 year old boy’s birthday party in Milpitas where the kids didn’t know each other. The kids were shy and quiet. I suggested the badges to the hostess, she was amazed to how much that changed the kids response to the whole party experience.

4. Kids Birthday Presents

Have a box or bag ready to put all the presents in as the children arrive so
they can be kept safe to open later. If the birthday child is opening presents during the party, try to make sure they are removed to a safe place
afterwards. Over the years I have seen many new toys trampled
underfoot in the excitement!

5. Keep them busy

Please do not attempt to settle the children down as they arrive by allowing them to run wild in a room filled with balloons, streamers, toys, etc. Funnily enough, this usually only happens in halls! More parties are ruined (and more guests are injured) by this than by anything else. Many children find the noise of balloons bursting frightening. I once did a kids party in Walnut Creek where a 4 year old ended up having to be taken home because of the balloon popping noise before the party has even begun. Use balloons as decoration only and save the squeakers for the goodie bags! Play a simple quiet game instead.

6. Toddler Birthday Party Foods!

Pizza is a favorite for most kids. Simpler is sometimes better, cheese or pepperoni. Some kids are picky eaters and will pick off the pizza. Simple foods for the kids and variety for the parents. Food can be served either before or after the show. But never during the show, my shows are interactive and food can be a huge distraction during the performance. A word of caution about SUGAR. It can ruin a great party any day. Cotton candy should be forbidden all together, candy and sodas are common problem foods that have forced kids to just run around in circles. Unlike adults, for most kids if they consume sugar, they have to burn it right away. It is unfair to allow kids to have a bowl of ice cream and then expect them to sit still for any period of time. They simply can’t do it, their bodies won’t let them.

7. Showtime!

I usually require about 10 minutes to set up a toddler birthday party show. I am quite happy to do this in front of the children, so long as they remain in front of my tables and don’t wander behind to take a peek! Either play a simple game while I get ready or sit them down in front of the show and let them chat with me as I set up for the performance.
The show is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. adults and older children don’t need to leave the room or sit at the far end of the room. Enjoy the show with your children and I promise that you will have a wonderful time.
TODDLERS, should be kept in the care of their parents and for safety reasons should not be allowed to wander around the room during show time.
NOTHING WHATSOEVER should be distributed to the children during the show unless arrangements have been made with me beforehand. Please don’t pass around sweets, juice or any hand out as it can be a huge distraction!
If you are doing a themed toddler birthday party, please let me know during booking and again before the show. My shows are well suited for any themed birthday parties Weather it’s a pirate theme, Jungle theme, superhero theme or whatever theme you are working with.

8. Involve the kids

involve the children in party planning and preparation. Surprises are fun, but the kids like to get involved in planning, and this is a time when the kids are motivated to be especially helpful.
Let them plan the theme, location, guest list, menu, games, etc. They can write invitations or create them on the computer with fun computer paper, fill loot bags, blow up balloons, decorate, even help “childproof,” “crowdproof” or straighten the house.

9. How long should a toddler birthday party be?

One to two hours is more than enough time for a toddler or pre-school party. For older children two to three hours is recommended.
For drop off parties, parents usually start arriving about 15 minutes before the end of the party. Have the party bags ready and named so they can be handed to each child as they leave.

10. Forget all the rest

It’s their Special Day — Whether with a party or not, the object of the day is to make your child feel special. Alternative birthday celebrations include special rituals, such as birthday plates, breakfasts, dinners or birthday cake with grandma, measuring to see how much they’ve grown, reminiscing about “the day you were born” or previous parties over photo albums or by watching videos of younger years.
All my shows are interactive; the children will become involved in the show, where they can hoot and holler. And the Birthday Child is always the center of attraction. Even if it’s a special first birthday, and most of the benefits will be for the family and friends in the audience. The child will still have focus moments in the show, even if it’s only for the tape to remember for later years.
Famous last words: Happy+birth+day= Happy Birthday

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