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Planning your child’s birthday party is much easier and more fun when you include party themes. We have compiled a list of birthday party ideas that we have gathered from our years of experience.

First birthday party ideas: Children love cartoons, so base your party theme on one of their favorite tv shows, movies or characters. A few examples would be Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, and Toy Story. To keep the birthday party more interesting, you can get a bubble machine, balloon decorations and/or live entertainment. If the guests primarily consist of babies then consider getting some party games for the adults to play. Children at that age can’t really participate in such activities. Keep the party time short, that way you don’t tire out the kids. Be sure to take lots of pictures and video to preserve the moments that your baby shared with you and the party guests on this special day. Make sure that you also take plenty of pictures of the birthday cake and decorations. It’s always great for kids and parents to go back in time and revisit those great moments.

Second birthday party ideas: A two year old birthday party should preferably be kept under two hours. Kids around that age tend to get tired quicker and still require a nap. You should consider your child’s temperament at this age while planning your party. If your child is more outgoing and demands attention then you should invite more family and friends. If your child is a little shy then invite some familiar faces and a few relatives and keep it cozy.
Little Einstein, Unicorn, Yo Gabba Gabba, Circus, Cupcake Party are some very popular kids party themes for this age group. Easy games such as Duck Duck Goose, Simon Says, and Ring Around the Rosie are also fun for this age. Some familiar toddler music to go with your theme will get the kids to dance and play along.

Third birthday party ideas: Children around this age love to make themselves useful, so have them help you out with some party preparation. This is their party after all, so they want to make sure it’s to their liking. Get them to pick a specific theme and let them help decorate the invitations. Some popular theme choices are Wild Kratts, Handy Mandy, My Little Pony, and Backyardigans. Make sure you find a schedule that works with your guests and the birthday child’s nap time. Mid afternoon works great with 3 year olds. By late afternoon, the kids will probably start getting grouchy from being tired. Hiring an entertainer is a great way to keep the kids busy during the party. Some popular options for birthday party entertainers include puppeteer, ventriloquist, face painter, balloon twister, magician, and bubble show.

4th birthday party ideas: Start planning your party early for this age group and above. Parents nowadays keep their kids schedule busy with extracurricular activities. Be sure to invite your child’s closest freinds and playmates way in advance. Four year olds are full of energy and need to be kept busy most of the time. Craft projects are great for this age group as they are now old enough to handle supplies and follow directions, and they enjoy expressing their creativity.
There are many fun and creative ideas for activities at this age, for example you can hold an art show for the kids and judge it for them: First lay out various supplies such as craft paper, glue, markers, crayons, stickers, glitter and even some washable paint. Be sure to provide an area for them to hang their masterpieces. You can judge and provide an award for each child by identifying something unique and creative in each of their masterpieces. Some examples of award categories are: Best use of glitter, best use of color, best drawing of the sun, etc…
You can adapt this activity to any 4th birthday party theme. Some popular themes for kids this age are: Princess party for girls, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Madagascar, Dinosaur theme, Fire Fighter, Super Heroes and so on.

5th birthday party ideas: Now that your child is attending school, you can also choose to plan a party in your child’s classroom in addition to a home or park party. Traditionally when planning a school celebration you would bring cupcakes. You can also pass out goodie bags consisting of candy and small toys. Crafts are a good way to get the kids engaged and working together at this age. You can set up an arts and crafts table, and have the kids make homemade jewelry with uncooked macaroni and yarn. You may also want to consider renting a bounce house and/or hiring an entertainer. Some themes that work really well with 5 year olds are: Toy Story, Scooby Doo, Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Make sure to get your child’s opinion when planning the party. Your child will be so excited to see the themes they have chosen come to life.

6th birthday party ideas: Some boys/girls around this age like to participate in separate activities due to their differing interests. So you may want to consider planning an all girl or all boy party. Of course you don’t have to, but it can help make the party planning process much easier. One of the best party options for children this age would be to schedule a field trip and have a party at a fun, kid-oriented location. Some potential fun locations include an indoor trampoline park, indoor rock climbing, a karate studio, or a build a bear. Some great themes for this age group consist of karate, gymnastics, cheer party, and ice skating. If you chose to have a birthday party at home and the weather is nice, then you should consider renting a jumpy house or a ball pit. Kids will play in these things for days! Party games are a must when it comes to parties. Try a treasure hunt, musical chairs or a sack race.

7th birthday party ideas: A kid’s 7th birthday is often a time where they feel more mature. They will likely not want anything overly childish for this party. A 7 year old is also more likely to appreciate a big, elaborate celebration than a younger aged birthday child, so you may want to save the big party for this age. For the boys try arranging a costume party. Each guest can dress up as their favorite superhero and plan superhero themed activities. For the girls, why not plan a slumber party? You can plan some fun, girl-oriented activities like a petting zoo, pony rides, makeovers, and Barbie playtime. Disney original movies also tend to be a big hit with girls. Party rentals are also quite popular for 7 year olds, try ordering a bounce house with your child’s favorite theme such as Batman, Barbie, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spongebob.

8th birthday party ideas: This is the only birthday occasion where you can plan a figure 8 party. Why not make a figure 8 cake, take two round cakes and place a hole in the center of each cake using a cup, the put them together to form the number 8. Another fun idea is to have an ice skating party so the kids can practice figure 8 skating. A destination party is always a hit with 8 year olds. Consider going to a bowling arena or Dave and Busters. You can further liven up the party with some background music. Music adds a level of excitement to practically any activity you plan. Some themes that work great with this age group include: sports, pool party, superhero, or your kids’ favorite movie or video game.

9th birthday party ideas: A 9th birthday party is certainly a landmark in maturity, the birthday child is at an age where they can appreciate party ideas that may seem boring to younger kids. You may want to consider a caricature artist, a local party musician who performs their favorite genre of music, temporary tattoo or henna artist, ventriloquist, tye dye shirt making, or live animals. As you can see, you have a variety of choices when throwing a party for this age group. If you have a cowboy or cowgirl in the house then consider hiring a pony for pony rides. You can expand on this idea by dressing up the kids in cowboy hats and bandanas. Party themes for this age group are generally geared towards your child’s favorite movie, TV show, sport, music artist or video game.

10th birthday party ideas: This is the perfect age to celebrate a party at an amusement park. Many kids around this age are finally tall enough to ride on the “big kid” rides, so you can make the most of a big group visit to an amusement park. You can also consider a water park (especially if it’s the summertime), this is also a good alternative if your child or some of the guests are afraid of roller coasters. If you have a group of kids who prefer to run around rather than stand in lines, taking the group out for laser tag might be just what you’re looking for. You can base your party theme directly on the fun location you’re holding the birthday at, or you can base it around their favorite movie, TV show, sport, music artist or video game. For example, if you chose their favorite movie as the theme last year, you can try their favorite sport, musician or video game this year. Kids also tend to develop new interests during this age, so their favorite movie/TV show/game/musician may not be the same as the last 2 years.

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