How To Send Effective Kids Birthday Party Invitations

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The invitations set the tone for any birthday party, giving guests an idea of what to expect from the party. Based on our years of experience planning and performing at kids events (especially birthdays), we have compiled a list of tips for sending effective kids birthday party invitations.

Decide who you are inviting: 

Before sending out the party invitations, you will want to decide who you are inviting and how you will send the party invitations. If you are inviting relatives and close friends, you can send the party invitations by email or traditional “snail mail”. If you are inviting other kids from your kids’ school, then we recommend having your child hand out the party invitations in person. Check with the teachers beforehand to find out how many kids are in each class, you will want to ensure that you have enough invites for everyone in your child’s classes.

The important details for any party invitations:

When you are making the birthday party invitations, be sure to include all of the important details. The three essential details for any party invitation are the child’s name (and age they are turning), the party start time (and approximate end time), and the party location (and any specific instructions for arrival, only if necessary). You will also want to include a RSVP with your party invitations. This will let you know who is definitely showing up, who will be unable to make it, and who is still deciding. Knowing this will allow you to ensure that you have a good amount of food, entertainment and goodie bags for the number of people who are actually attending, not just everyone who was invited.

Chosen Your Theme:

A nice finishing touch that can make your birthday party invitations memorable is including a theme. A party theme is a staple of many kids birthday parties, and it usually encompasses all areas of the party, including the invitations. Adding graphics and phrases/wording that relates to the party theme is a great way to set the tone for the party right from the invitations. Having a party theme adds a level of excitement, fun and fantasy to any kids birthday party.

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