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Children birthday parties can get very expensive if you do not manage them properly. Most kids are pretty contented and happy with a simple birthday party that has a ton of fun in it and lots of activity.
Here are some of the best tips for throwing a great birthday party on budget.

Make your own invitations:

With a touch of creativity you can easily make great party invitations at home and can save a handsome amount that you would have spent on buying the invitations. You can even buy a software for as low as $5 for creating birthday party invitations.

The timing matters:

Consider the time of the day, if you are going to host your kid’s birthday party around lunch time you are supposed to provide lunch along with the cake. Try having your kid’s birthday party just after the lunch time.

Keep the guests list small:

Keep the guests list short and targeted. Only invite those who you really know. It is important because your child might not feel comfortable with a bunch of strangers he or she never met.

Host the party at your home:

If you are trying to throw a fancy birthday party while still staying on budget, the best place to host is your home. It would be more relaxing and your child would enjoy it too. You can also plan a lot of activities and games if you host the party at your home. You can Plan a pirate’s treasure hunt in your backyard or set up a beauty salon in your living room — even picking up supplies for these activities are sure to cost less than a pricey birthday party venue.

Keep the decorations simple:

Most of the kids at the party would not even notice all the decorations. All that matters is they must have fun and must enjoy the party. Instead of spending a ton of money on fancy decorations, a few balloons and fresh flowers would do the job perfectly. It would also make the clean up easy.

Serve inexpensive appetizers:

When it comes to appetizers, there are few options that can really bring your costs down. You could prepare sausage balls or can even make a mini quiche. They would literally cost only few pennies.

Consider preparing an inexpensive yet tasty meal:

Preparing a meal that is undemanding on the budget is tricky, particularly if your guest list is long. But, there are several meals that work perfectly in a situation like this. For example, pasta is very inexpensive and stretches a long ways. If you are looking for something fancy, consider adding pieces of expensive cuts of meat to your recipe. You could make lobster chowder or even a salad that was topped with Bleu cheese and filet mignon.

Make your own cake:

A birthday party cake is certainly the center of attention. Most parents refrain from the risk of making their own birthday party cake. But with just little effort you can make a great birthday party cake. If you are afraid your cake will not be fancy enough, spend a little bit of your budget on sugar flowers, which can be purchased at your local kitchen supply store.These tips and ideas would surely help you throw an under budget birthday party for your child, but to make this event even more fabulous and enjoy it along with your kids and friends you can contact Happy Bright Kids to decorate and manage the whole event for you. You can call us at (925) 967-4437 to book a party for your kid and avail our services. At our Puppets store, we also sell puppets and can provide you with your own custom designs. For more details and ideas about your kids birthday party visit our website:

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