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While children of any age enjoy a 7th birthday party ideas, turning 7 usually marks the end of what has been a year of most important achievement. Most 7-year-olds have just learned to read during the past year, opening up the whole world to them and enhancing the opportunities ahead of them. A dance party or a pirate party can be best suitable for the children in this age group.z
At the age of seven kids may just be opening up to get into the music scene. As such a dance party would be ideal. You can set up a dance party very easily in your own home. Send invitations out in the shape of a disco ball, music note or CD. This party can be set up inside or outside. Hang a disco ball on the ceiling, turn off the lights and turn the room into a dance hall. Party music can be found easily at any store or you can download your own online. Have your birthday child get involved and pick the music to be played at his party. Make extra copies of the CDs, if you are purchasing online and use those as party favors for the guests. Have the kids play “Name that tune” after they have danced for a while. Play songs for 10 seconds and see who can guess the name of the song or artist.

You can also think of pirate party where you can send invitation in the shape of a treasure chest. When the kids arrive, help them to dress up as a pirate by drawing scars and moustache on their cheeks. Make some pirate hats with crafts. Set up a treasure hunt in your home’s back yard and provide maps to all the kids. You can have them work as a team or have individual treasure hunts for all the guests. Waiting until dark and giving all the kids flashlights can add a sense of excitement to the hunt.

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